Find the hidden message in colors and line and bring it into focus.

My painting style is a contradiction: at once fast and gestural, and then technical and sharp. It's realism with dynamic energy, opaque and subtle. Give a shout if you're interested in making my artwork a part of your walls, framed and finished or directly on surface. I look forward to taking my artistic vision and creating a piece of history your family and your team will cherish forever.

Your identity in business is a reflection of all the driving parts that help make your team successful. The icon your customers see isn't just a reminder of what you do, it's a point of referral that clients can feel confident in the service you provide, and get a rush when their eyes recognize that dynamic design.

And...then there's everything else. If you're as mad as banana, then you need my help. from art installation to hanging wall designs and framing consultation, I'll get it done. If you need banana to show up at your internet house party, he can do that too. He's been around since 2007, poking a stick at everything, and slowly making his way onto